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Experts at Dr Buff have years of experience in car coating and have worked their way through paint coatings, nano coating and automobile detailing. Dr Buff provides all types of secondary coatings for cars ranging from paint coats, nano-coating, ceramic coating and teflon coating. While it can be hard to decide which coating you should opt for, rest assure that the experienced technicians at Dr Buff will guide you through.

Get the best coating for your car to help maintain it in a good colour, texture and maintain the durability of the base paint. Dr. Buff helps you protect your car from seasonal damages and colour chipping by providing the most appropriate car coating after analysing your car’s need. Our Car Coating Services are as follows:

Ceramic Coating

For many of us, maintaining the aesthetic appeal of our cars is just a natural aspect of ownership. Or perhaps you’re among the many people who rarely drive because of a new work-from-home arrangement, a lessee determined to avoid excessive wear-and-tear charges, or an enthusiast who obsesses over every aspect. Depending on where you land on that spectrum, you will decide how much time and money you’re willing to commit and whether a pricey ceramic coating is a wise choice.

Car owners prefer a ceramic coating over the alternatives, primarily because of its long-lasting protection. We apply the ceramic coating, which functions as a hard shell, which will keep water stains, grit from the road, bird droppings, and other things from getting to the paint and damaging it. Our services not only increase life but also add to your dream car’s beauty.

Diamond Coating

A liquid glass made of silica and siloxane called a “diamond coating” is used as a coating material. Essentially, it is a clear, pure liquid that solidifies when it comes into contact with air. It also gives a car’s original paint an incredibly long-lasting gloss, shine, and protection. When used on a vehicle, it can last for about three years.

Suppose you want to apply a diamond coating to your automobile. In that case, our professional team is always available to serve you. Come to us as we provide a cost-effective service to protect your vehicle’s original paint and maintain its top-notch condition. Our services keep your car away from waxing and detailing regularly. The advantages of diamond coatings are given as follows:

  • It is strong and can last for three to five years.
  • It is pretty economical.
  • It safeguards your car’s original paint.
  • In addition, it preserves the color and gloss of recently painted or new vehicles.
  • It eliminates or lessens any apparent minor hairline scratches.

Crystal Coating

Professional-grade Crystal Ceramic Coating provides outstanding protection against chemical ablation brought on by external factors and has a lifespan of up to 3 years. Through its chemical solid resistance and release qualities, crystal not only adds an exceptional luster but also shields your paint from common contaminants.

Your car’s exterior is further protected with our crystal coating service, which helps you maintain it with comparatively little upkeep while keeping it brand new. Our coating makes your car easier to clean and more robust, which allows it to achieve its goal. Here are the principal advantages of ceramic coating for automobiles:

  • It keeps your car clean for a long time.
  • This coating protects against chemical stains and rust.
  • It makes car washing easier without exerting extra energy.
  • Your paint will be protected from fading by a crystal coating because it is UV resistant and reduces the amount of oxidation.
  • It keeps your automobile attractive and provides long-term solutions.

Hybrid Coating

The paint on your car is further protected by a hybrid ceramic coating, a synthetic sealer that contains sio2. Your car’s color intensity, gloss, and sheen are all increased by synthetic wax polymers. Your car’s finish is sealed with a fantastic luster, water-beading hydrophobicity, and long-lasting protection thanks to this ceramic automobile coating.

Our expert team always welcomes you to our vehicle detailing house. We will offer you numerous automobile detailing services, and hybrid coating is one of them if you give us the chance to work for you. We will provide you with the following services:

  • It protects your vehicle from UV damage.
  • It keeps your car secure from chemical contaminants.
  • It increases the shine and makes the car appealing.
  • It is less time-consuming and saves money.
  • Making the car’s surface hydrophobic means not allowing the water to stay on the automobile’s body.

Glass Coating

Having a beautiful automobile is everyone’s dream. Many people own a car but do not have much time or money to spend on it to increase the grace of their car. If you are a car enthusiast and always want your vehicle to look beautiful but are short of money, time, or both. Don’t hesitate to come to us. We will apply the glass coating to your ride to solve all your queries.

When we apply a glass coat to a car’s exterior, you won’t need to spend time, effort, or money waxing and sealing it. In addition to being more effective at safeguarding a car’s paintwork than wax, glass coating paint protection also lasts a lot longer. Glass coatings can ease your burden. At the same time, you work to maintain your car in the best possible shape because it benefits your vehicle in various ways.

  • Avoid scratches.
  • It minimizes oxidation.
  • The paint is given a high-gloss, mirror-like shine.
  • It shields the color from toxins, such as mud, dust, acid rain, road salt, guano, and more.
  • It defends paint against damaging UV rays.
  • In stormy weather, water beads improve vision.

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